Imagine a time in the not-so-distant future when you will have created Ultimate Competitive Positioning as The Top Celebrity Expert & Authority in your topic, built your National Platform, promoted your Passion Projects on REAL Network News & Talk shows across America, become a Master Communicator, a Speaker who appears on stages everywhere, with incredible Poise, Self-Confidence, Charisma -- you're even Better Looking!

Acquaintances will be coming up to you at industry events, gushing: "Way to go! You're really making it happen! You're everywhere! You're on fire!"

Your "Book of Business" will be packed with high-level, high-paying, highly dedicated Clients who worship you and feel lucky that YOU have decided to work with them...

This will be a time when you really feel that you have reached a point in your life where you're making a difference, making an impact, achieving levels of influence you knew you were capable of -- but that had eluded you for too long because you were "the best-kept secret in your industry."

A time in your life when your "competition" will be irrelevant, because you've created "a category of one" for yourself in the eyes of Your Customers & Prospects.

Feel the Transformational Power of  Local TV 

Fame Won't Make You Rich,

But You Can't Get Paid

Without It

-Doctorow's 2nd Law, from the book Information Doesn't Want To Be Free


It's prohibitively expensive -- in terms of time and/or money -- to get "Kim Kardashian Famous" -- to a wide audience. But if you don't make yourself appear to be "famous" to your audience, as Cory Doctorow says, you can't get paid.  

Your clients NEED you to appear to be famous so their identification with you lifts their personal sense of Status, or else they will not buy from you. "Celebrity Status" is Required for the cash register to ring.

The easiest and fastest way to create and grow your Celebrity Status in the eyes of Customers and Prospects is with Local ABC NBC CBS & FOX TV News and Talk show interviews.


Clint Arthur & Martha Stewart backstage at Carnegie Hall