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Some of Our Graduates:

Non-Fiction author Dannie DeNovo books herself on 63 Network TV appearances in 9 months!  
Lisa B Good becomes the first member of the NEW "21 Club" to celebrate at the namesake restaurant in New York City with Clint & Ali after making her 21st TV Appearance 5 months after her Celebrity Launchpad.
Dr. Meena Malhotra increases her Closing Rate from 20 to 50% with Local TV
Pittsburgh Auto Mechanic
Lands Main Stage Speaking Gig at Mandalay Bay Arena in Front of 12,000 Prime Prospects for his Auto Mechanic Coaching Business
Bulgarian Peasant becomes a Princess and loses 17-lbs with
Celebrity Launchpad
Canadian Marketing Consultant lands multiple 5-figure paydays with Local TV Interviews in USA
Insurance Salesman Lands 7-Figure Deals with Local TV Celebrity
After Becoming a "Celebrity" on Local TV, Psychologist Raises Rates 50% and Doesn't Lose Any Patients
Self-Published Author of
The Miracle Morning series, Hal Elrod, sells 8,000+ Books a Month With the Help of Free Evergreen Marketing Videos Produced by ABC NBC CBS & FOX Local TV Shows he booked at Celebrity Launchpad
Balloon Decorator Gets 
Top Dollar From Gov't and Corporate Clients Because of her TV Celebrity
Plumbing Consultant Makes an Extra 6-Figures Because of Local TV
Foreclosure Consultant lands New Clients using Local TV
The Path to
Good Morning America: Veronica Grey's story
Caregiver books 14 Appearances BEFORE his live training event with Clint, changes his life forever.
Putting Butts in Seats for Chicago Musical Performances Using Local TV
College Planing Expert
makes "a tremendous
amount of money" by
raising his status with 
Celebrity Launchpad and
Clint's "High Status" 
Speaking Events
International Platform 
Speaker's On-Camera
Performance Transformed
at Celebrity Launchpad
Rick Jordan earns his way into the 21 Club.
Celebrity Launchpad Local TV Publicity & Transformation Event with Clint Arthur
Celebrity Launchpad is still an intimate experience led personally by Clint Arthur, training only 15 new Magic Messengers during each class. Get in while you can. Classes fill up quickly.
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